Recording Usability Tesing with GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting, a great tool for remote meetings, is also incredibly useful for moderated usability testing. Using GoToMeeting can help you eliminate the number of observers while still allowing stakeholders to view testing. In addition, the recorded files are small, and the setup is simple.

In recent moderated usability tests, we have started using GoToMeeting to share our sessions. It’s particularly handy for setting up a separate observation room without needing a large lab. We set up a second computer as a guest in a remote viewing room in the GoToMeeting tool, which allows all our observers to come and watch. (We’re careful to mute the observing computer.) This method keeps the number of people watching a session, live and in person, to a minimum. This also keeps the test participant from becoming distracted or intimidated by the large number of observers.

The second and most useful feature is GoToMeeting’s recording option. We can use GoToMeeting to record the screen of the laptop as well as the voices in the room. The file size and quality are both pretty reasonable. For both desktop and mobile testing we can set up a small camera window in the lower corner of the screen that shows the participant’s facial reactions. To eliminate the distraction of seeing oneself on video, we simply place a piece of paper over that portion of the screen. Then after a session has concluded, we can turn off recording and find that GoToMeeting has automatically saved the session with the name of the participant for our review later.

GoToMeeting likely works with any remote meeting software, so give it a try with your favorite. It may be able to replace more expensive tools.

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