iPhone Recording Contraption – Mobile Usability Testing Rig

Check it out, my little hack for recording finger position and screen taps on our prototype.


This was inspired by a similar design by LevelFive Solutions.

  1. I just took the original, clear plastic case that our iPod Touch came in.
  2. Removed the top of the case.
  3. Plugged in a Hue HD web camera to a USB extension
  4. Duct taped the extension cable to the back. (In a lovely neon orange too!)
  5. Put the iPod Touch in a rubber case.
  6. Put the iPod+Case into the rig.

Now we had a flexible camera boom and a slot that can easily hold our iPod Touch or iPhone for testing. My Galaxy S4 was a bit too big to fit into the case but I’m sure we could find another like case to work with. With a little more time and money we could find a dedicated hard plastic case, like Otterbox, and epoxy the USB extension cable to that.

There are a lot of good, purchasable solutions out there as well, but when you are dealing with no budget and existing parts, sometimes good solutions emerge.

What contraptions have you come up with for testing with mobile devices?